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RV Garage is also a certified AL-KO ESC installer! We are specialists in towing safety and stability, focusing on ESC installation and maintenance.

The primary purpose of AL-KO ESC is to ensure your safety during unforeseen events like sudden swerving to avoid a car or an animal. The system employs advanced technology to detect potential instabilities and responds, helping maintain control and stability in critical moments.

AL-KO ESC offers unrivalled towing safety in all conditions. Reducing sway and ensuring smooth manuvering, it keeps you safe in critical situations. The system works on corrugated gravel roads too, providing unparalleled confidence and stability.

In the event of a critical situation, such as a sudden swerve, the AL-KO ESC rapidly activates and engages the caravan’s brakes. This action helps counteract the swaying motion and stabilise the caravan, enabling you to regain control and avoid potential accidents.

As accredited AL-KO installers, we offer top-notch installation services for the AL-KO ESC. Don’t miss out on the benefits of Electric Stability Control. Contact us today for further details and to have a chat about installation. Our staff will be happy to help you with any queries.

  • Enhanced safety
  • Increased Towing Confidence
  • Easy Installation
  • Customised Solutions 
  •  Regulatory Compliance
Accessory Fitting

Make your RV towing experience safer and more enjoyable with the AL-KO ESC system. Contact our dealership today to schedule an appointment for AL-KO ESC installation or to learn more. Drive with confidence and experience the difference AL-KO ESC can make! With RV Garage, you can expect a dedicated team committed to providing superior service ensuring your safety and a worry-free journey.

RV Garage believes that AL-KO ESC is essential for caravans. As specialists in servicing and repairing caravans, we understand the significance of towing safety, and we have invested in becoming a certified installer of AL-KO ESC! Our expertise in the installation and maintenance of this system ensures that your caravan is equipped with the highest standard of safety technology available in the market.

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